Office Bearers of The Mother Lodge of Scotland
The Installation of Brother Munro McLean as the Right Worshipful Master of the Mother Lodge and his Office Bearers was held on Saturday the 21st December 2019. The Ceremony, which took place in the Masonic Temple, 99 Main Street, Kilwinning was carried out by Brother Terence W J Galloway and Brother David A Kirk both Past Masters of the Mother Lodge.  

The Festival of St. Thomas celebration dinner was held in the upstairs lounge. There a splendid dinner was arranged, prepared and served by Bro. Robert McInstry and his staff. Later in the Lodge Room the Brethren gathered to enjoy a wonderful evening of entertaining and informative toasts, replies and harmony.  Organist & Guitarist Brother Tom Reid and Saxophonist Brother Roger Harman entertained the company with recitals of Scottish, ballads and songs.

 Office Bearers 2020
 Right Worshipful Master  Bro. Munro McLean
 I.P.R.W.M.  Bro. James Savage
 Depute Master  Bro. Richard J. Allan
 Substitute Master  Bro. David A. Kirk P.M.
 Senior Warden  Bro. Robert Kerr
 Junior Warden  Bro. James M. Sneddon
 Secretary  Bro. David Wilson P.M.
 Treasurer  Bro. Thomas S. Reid
 Almoner  Bro. Andrew M. Campbell
 Chaplain  Bro. Terence W. J. Galloway
 Senior Deacon  Bro. David Wilson Jnr.
 Junior Deacon  Bro. Charles David Burns
 Director of Ceremonies  Bro. Robert McNab
 Librarian  Bro. Rodger J. Hughes
 Architect  Bro. Roger Harman
 Jeweller  Bro. Ian A. Kirk
 Bible Bearer  Bro. William Thomson
 Bard  Bro. Robert Kirk
 Sword Bearer  Bro. Ian E. Corrigan
 Director of Music  Bro. George M. Frater
 Organist  Bro. William Aitken
 Marshal  Bro. Alexander A. Pryde
 Inner Guard  Bro. Charles A. MacDonald
 Pres. Board of Stewards  Bro. James Cowan
 1st Steward  Bro. Henry Niven
 2nd Steward  Bro. Ian D.L. Blackwood
 3rd Steward  Bro. Martin C. Sneddon Jnr.
 4th Steward  Bro. Brian J.A.D. Hillis
 Tyler  Bro. Robert Steel

The R.W.M. and Office Bearers of Lodge Mother Kilwinning can be contacted through the Lodge Secretary, Brother David Wilson and the details on how to contact the Brother Secretary can be found on our contact page:- Contact Us

Meetings throughout the year in the Mother Lodge are held on the 2nd and the 4th Tuesday of every month and all visitors are welcome to attend any of the regular meetings. A syllabus, working plan with all the meeting dates for 2020 can be viewed or printed on our meeting page:- Lodge Meetings

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